BUTTER MILK WALL or the brief moment of morning awakening before feeling, seeing, thinking, planning, doing ……,
Installation by Susanne Albrecht
Buttermilk slices filter the light, buttermilk ions fill the air and sink onto the braid of brick wire on the floor, through which white light shimmers from below. The room installation represents a state that could hardly be more subjective and yet comes without narration. The materials used are commonplace and come from the kitchen and the building trade. Buttermilk on the glass pane appears like thin tissue paper and the wire on the floor like an archaic rug. The grid on the walls and floor give structure and hold without limiting.

Susanne Albrecht writes about the installation: “The idea for this work actually came to me at 4 in the morning and excitedly I went straight to my studio in the dark to get started. Quickly I found the materials for the implementation, because I had worked during the summer with clay, plaster and tile wire and could fall back on these experiences. During the work in the exhibition space, the mood developed step by step. The painting of the glass walls creates a protected interior and changes the incident light. Although it is really cold, the room temperature seems to rise. The laying of the tile wire makes the floor permeable and creates space. “And furthermore:” I think this installation works especially when entering the room. But also from the outside, the visitors seem to understand that it is not an empty space at all. “And in addition:” This room is a stroke of luck and I thank the architect that he / she created this seemingly functionless space decades ago. And a big thank you to the Recyclingbörse Herford for providing this space for art presentations since 2003 and supporting artistic work. “

Opening: Saturday, 9.12.2017, entering the room possible from 11:00 to 12:30,
The artist talks about the exhibition and offers tea for the visitors.
Duration of the exhibition: 9.12.2017-9.01.2018
Place of the exhibition: Kiosk24, Radewigerstraße 24, 32051 Herford
Contact: Susanne Albrecht 05221 347937